Get Grant-Ready for the 2013 AFG

Get Grant-Ready for the 2013 AFG

By Chief Steve Meyer, Steve Meyer Consulting LLC

Awards for the 2012 AFG are underway, leaving thousands of firefighters sitting on the edge of their seats awaiting welcome word that they will be a recipient of an award. This stage of the grant process is also a signal that the 2013 AFG process will soon begin. At this time it sounds like the program will open in late spring or early summer. The time to get prepared for the opening is not the day the grant period opens—it is now. In the grant writers world this is called getting grant ready. In the firefighters world it is called pre-planning.

Pre-planning for the AFG involves three aspects:
1) Determining a legitimate need
2) Assimilating ALL of the correct information and documentation to develop a competitive AFG application.
3) Having or finding the right person(s) to complete No. 1 and 2 above.

Since 2000 the AFG program has provided billions of dollars for critical life and property saving equipment and training to United States fire and EMS service providers. The program has transformed fire and emergency services from hosting pancake breakfast’s to put gas in fire trucks to a service that is considerably more well prepared to handle all fire and emergency situations with the latest technologies. Yet, many fire departments have either failed to take advantage of the program or have been frustrated in their attempts to procure grant awards with the program.

In subsequent blog postings at I will describe the methodology that is necessary for a competitive AFG application. Other postings to my blog describe the methodology of successful grant writing that are applicable to any grant.

My next blog posting about the AFG will deal with identifying legitimate needs.

Steve Meyer is a grant writing and emergency management consultant. He has served as a volunteer fire chief for 30 years. You can find out more about his services at his website You will also find Chief Steve Meyer on LinkedIn.
To find out more about the AFG program, visit the AFG website at

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